10 March 2012

Chevron Everything

In case you haven't noticed the Chevron craze is taking flight. If only we owned our own place we would definitely have a wall with the zig-zag stripe love!

My sister painted one herself in both her home and the home of another sister. She's amazing and will be helping me with mine when that time comes. For now I just look at pictures and wish!! :)

These are some of my favorites!

WOW! Check out that teal and silver! Talk about dynamic!

Ok lets talk about this one! Amazing! The silver lining under each black layer makes the black really POP! I've come to love the small antler addition on painted walls. It's a little quarky but when placed like this it's great! Putting the shabby yellow dresser on this wall makes it really stand out! This may be my favorite!

I love yellow in bathrooms and just doing a small wall like this in a room that doesn't have much space is such a great idea! Near a window pulls in great light to add to the brightness of the yellow! And putting some blue towels on those hooks would put me over the edge! :)

If you're like me and can't pull out the paint and brushes without being evicted then a little sometime like this might satisfy your need for chevron goodness! Plus, it can pull in even more colors! Win, Win!

Once my lovely sister get back to the USA I'll get her clips from doing this same thing herself. She's done it a couple of times and says it's really not to hard. A definite DIY project!

Good luck!


  1. I love this chevron idea. It is really such a great idea to add interest to a room! I especially love the white and yellow together!

  2. do you know what the name/brand of the yellow paint in the picture of the Chevron wall and yellow dresser?


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