Since August 2012 Mike and I have been trying to have a baby. After being told there may be some complications, we decided we needed to start trying. It's been a journey ever since.

Ever since then we've been struggling month to month with the reality that our dreams will be harder to accomplish than we thought.

In July 2013 we had our first miscarriage. Since then we've had 4, each early on, each devastating.

Finally, after many doctors and failed attempts, we found a doctor who looked in the right places and really knew what he was doing. He was able to diagnose the cause and provide a treatment. On our first cycle with the correct treatment, we were able to conceive and stay pregnant. We are now expecting a baby in August.

Through this I've learned so much, mainly, I've learned that I can help others. If you're struggling with fertility problems, you need a friend. You need someone to talk to that understands what it's like. So please, email me or facebook me if you're in this boat. I needed a friend and it was amazing when I started talking about it. I learned so much and I found people I could cry to who understand!

Email: kelsey.yeck@gmail.com     Facebook Me