About Us

Michael and I met in January of 2011 at BYU, where we both attended and received our degrees. 

We were both pretty young but that didn't sway us from knowing we were meant for each other. 

After 3 months of dating Michael asked me to marry him and just 3 more months and we were married in the Boise Idaho Temple. 

We moved back to Provo and began our journey together. We've experienced the ups and downs of a new life together. 

Mike played football for BYU and it was a blast! Watching him play was my favorite thing!

We then graduated and moved on from BYU.

Now we live in Kaysville and we're boring adults with real jobs. However, we have the coolest dog ever and we LOVE him to an unreal degree.

We're finally expecting our first child after fighting infertility for 4 years.
We can't wait to meet our baby boy in August. 

Stick around a while, we'd love to share our lives with you!

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