01 March 2012

Muck out that Disposal!

I never really realized how bad my disposal was. It was just always the same way and I never knew anything was different. I saw a post about how to clean that puppy out so I gave it a try

The first time I tried it was at my mom's house. She's been having trouble with her dishwasher and we all know that the dishwasher is connected to the disposal... (kidding, I had no idea!)

So I flipped hers on and you could hear it clunking around. But that's how a disposal always sounds right? Wrong!

Drab a bowl and put about 10 ice cubes in it. Then add some vinegar.  Some people say you should make vinegar ice cubes but I wouldn't. It takes too long and if you have an auto ice maker then it isn't feasible.

So fill up your bowl and get ready to pour.  Kick on that disposal and pour the mixture down. The ice will get crushed and dislodge any food stuck in there and the vinegar will clean it all out!

Seriously, this is the easiest thing ever! Your disposal will purr after this!

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