03 May 2012

The last thing Thursday -- #2

I am loving the link party with Jenna @ the life of the wife. She has some funny stories and the other bloggers who are linking up bring even more fun to to party. This week my favorite comes from Elise -- Check hers out because it is a real gem!

Come and join in on this party. It's always a blast!

So here we go!

The last think I:

Bought:  A beautiful and simple Brother sewing machine! I'm feeling more and more crafty and now that we have a bigger place I figured now would be a good time. Let the sewing begin!

Realized: How much I miss my awesome family! We got to see 3 of them while in California. We were only together for about 2 hours which made it even harder but I'm grateful for the time we had!

Look at that bunch! 
We've technically grown by one since this was taken!

What is not to love there? ha

Laughed at: Mike and I have started making bets on things when we each think we're right about something. I don't know why he hasn't learned yet that I'm always right. 
So last night I had some of my girl-friends over and they mentioned a 3D TV.
and this is how it all started:

Kelsey: Mike's parents have a 3D tv. 
Mike: it's not 3D.
Kelsey: Yeah we had this same conversation a few months ago before we went to visit them. It's 3D.
Mike: No way. Why haven't we watched 3D movies there. I'm texting my day right now. 
Mike's Dad: Yeah it's 3D but we just don't have the glasses.

Kelsey for the win! Needless to say I was really happy about my victory!

Ate: Yoplait Rasberry Yogurt and it was so good! It was my breakfast on a run as I was rushing out the door to work. 

{someday I will try every flavor!}

Watched: Modern Family! I know we are a little late be we finally started the series. Everybody has been telling us to watch and that we would LOVE it. They were right! We're only on the first season but it's so great! 

Go check out Jenna @ the life of the wife she is great and I'm sure you'll all love her blog too! 

Happy Thursday!

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