07 May 2012

Monday's Moments -- {#3}

Alright folks, I'm up early on a day I could be sleeping in and wishing I was snoring like the big bear next to me. (Yes, I blog in bed. Who doesn't?)

Last night was crazy fun and I'm happy to say that we smell like camp fire--but more about that later!

Monday's Moments -- {#3}

In case this is your first time joining us for Monday's Moments let me just tell you it's a blast! We have a lot of fun sharing our great moments with family or friends. For details about this link party go here or just read the rest of this post and jump in.

Home: This week has been pretty darn great. We are finally getting settled into our new place and it's feeling more and more like home. My husband has a little bit more free time than me right now so he's been working hard to get things put together. He sends me little updates while I'm at work that include fun pics like this:

(how great is he at decorating??)

Cooking: I'm finally back to cooking (i used the 'we just moved' excuse for far too long) and it feels great.
On Friday morning I actually made it out of bed before Mike got home from workouts and I started working on this gem: Cinnamon-Sugar Pull Apart Bread. Mike was a very happy man when he was able to dive into that. We had fun making it together and eating it together!

Random act of kindness: So if you're new to the fact that we just moved then you are obviously not reading my blog enough. :) I am so grateful for the sweet new neighbors we have. We went from having dozens and dozens of them to just two. While taking a mid-day nap this week we missed a knock on the door and came to find later that our neighbors had brought us treats to welcome us to the "hall".

Night out with Friends: Ok, so we have these friends that we LOVE! They are the greatest people and I love getting together with them. It always involved food and lots of laughter. Originally this was going to be a Cinco de Mayo dinner with some great homemade fajitas but it turned into a bonfire trip up the canyon. It was a blast! We ended up in a great little spot and our men had a fire roaring in seconds!

seriously one of the best nights

Romantic: On our way home on Friday night we started to here booms. Confused I looked around and saw fireworks coming from the BYU Baseball stadium. Mike pulled into an empty parking lot, pulled up the armrest so I could slide to the middle and cuddle up and we enjoyed a great show. It was spontaneous but as I sat in his arms like we did when we were dating I got to see how great my life is. I love my husband more than I can even begin to express.

I mean who wouldn't love that face?

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