02 December 2012

Just a little BEAR

This Saturday our amazing friends Billy Nixon and Chelsea Kimball got married! I couldn't be happier for them - they are absolutely perfect for each other.

So CONGRATS you two! We can't wait to celebrate with you when you get home.

Meanwhile, since we couldn't make it to California to the wedding we are dog sitting for their cute little pooch - Bear! He's the sweetest, fluffiest little puppy and we love him like crazy... until he wets OUR bed!
No, we really still love him but it wasn't the thing I was expecting to wake up to on Friday morning.

Who could stay mad at that face!

Then I went to take him out for a walk and ride in the car to pick up Mike when his leash snapped.... welp, no potty break for you! We headed to PetSmart to grab him another leash and he about had a heart attack with the other dogs. This little guy thinks he's pretty tough and can take on dogs 4 times his size, we didn't wait to find out! 

We've had a blast with Bear this week and we've also learned why a dog doesn't fit into our lifestyle... yet! Once we have a yard and some room to breathe, we're getting a chocolate lab! And his name will be Bear (decided upon before we met this little Bear.)

Like him! 

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