19 January 2013

2013 Resolutions - Best Workout EVER!

Today I went to the gym with Mike. We weren't there for very long but I actually ran on the treadmill for a while and it felt so great!

Most of you probably don't know but I haven't been able to run for quite a while without a lot of pain in my knees. In high school I had surgery in order to continue playing basketball. If I wasn't consistently lifting I would end up with really bad pain. Now that I haven't been working out like I should I'm in pain. So today was a huge deal for me.

We got a little silly when I picked up a HUGE jump rope and started playing around. Lucky for all of you, Mike got a video!

BYU is having a recruit visit today so we got booted from the weight room but while it lasted we had a really good time and I got to see Mike lift a bit. So worth it!

We left to this sight. A hot air balloon in the middle of the BYU parking lot. Balloons always remind me of home. Boise, Idaho has a great hot air balloon festival every year! We loved watching every year!

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