23 January 2013

2013 Resolutions - Gilmore Girls Workout

Again, by request we have another TV workout for you!! Gilmore Girls!! I love this show but find myself with a lot less time to watch it. Is it on Netflix?? Because if so, I need to get on that!!

Alright readers, what shows would you like to see next?? 


  1. LOVE it! !! Thank you so much! Im looking forward to this workout!

  2. Not on netflix :( but i have the dvd's and like to watch them over and over. I jeep checking to see if they ever add them to netflix; they should!

    1. Someone on FB said they can be online through the WB! I'll be checking that out! I'm glad you love the workout!

  3. The DVDs are on Netflix, just not instant watch (yet).

  4. The workout idea is genious! Thank you for sharing :-)

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