09 January 2013

BYU Football Banquet - #3

So you may have just read about my wonderful workout this morning! It made me feel even better tonight when we went to the annual Brigham Young University Football banquet, I can't believe this was my 3rd year. I've been to everyone with Mike. It's always a great night when we get to dress up and go out and see what this last season has brought us.

This season has been tough in a lot of different ways but no matter how hard it was we were able to be there tonight and remember why we're apart of that program.
I can't even begin to describe the feeling of BYU football. I promise you that there isn't a program out there like it. These men are dedicated to more that just football, more than just school, and more than just themselves. They are dedicated to representing a university that asks more of them.

I love that I can walk into the athletic facilities and never feel undermined by these guys. They're not just football players, they are our friends and people I know we can count on. I'm confident that they would, at any time, stand up for me. I'm always "Mrs. Yeck" or "Sister Yeck". Whether they know me or not, they know I'm "Yeck's wife".

If any of you know my husband, you know he's not super excited about social events and if you know me, you know I love it. We were planning on cutting out early tonight but after being there are listening to people talk about the BYU football program we wanted to stay and congratulate these seniors who have been so great to us. 

So here is to all of the great things that BYU has given us. And more importantly here is to my husband who currently can't walk down stairs without help because he's working out so much. Here's to the guy who spends late hours on homework because he's at practice all day. Here's to the guy who passed up the surgeries he should have had so that he can work harder and play more next year. I couldn't have asked for a more dedicated husband. He loves what he does and he loves his Band of Brothers. Thanks for letting me have a small part of that guys. It's more that I could have asked for.


  1. Now that football is over for a bit...maybe y'all can come to dinner now?


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