01 April 2013

March in Instas

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This is our March via Instagram.

We started off strong with a HP Marathon. Check out the resulting posts here and here.

We had a blast at the BYU Rugby game where our good friend tore it up and or course we hit up our favorite restaurant after!

I made some awesome roasted carrots. They were delicious and super easy. 

My mother in law bought me 2 pairs of toms!
 I think she was embarrassed that I was wearing a pair with a hole. 

I made some easy and delicious Creamy Tomatillo Dressing. Just like at Cafe. 

I clearly forgot how to shave. 

I finally organized our disaster of a medicine cabinet and you can check it out here.

Mike tore our couch apart to make room for a new (unbroken) one.

Provo decided that Winter wasn't over!

I designed my favorite blog yet! 

We went to dinner with some friends and I love that I could wear sweats!

On the 30th we went to the BYU Spring Football game. It was a blast and I'm so glad my parents were in town for it. Micheal played so well. You can read more about the spring game here.

The last day of March, Easter! We love Easter and even though we don't have kids, we had a little bit of extra fun today. 

So we've done a ton this month and it's been a whirlwind but that means we've flown through spring ball and we're a month closer to the end of the semester!

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