05 August 2012

Our journey - Part 1

This was a very different post to write but I've taken comfort in hearing from other people who have gone through similar experiences. So maybe I can do some good for others.

This story all starts when Mike and I got married.
We were blissfully happy and ready to start our lives together. We were loving every part of married life, however, acclimating to *certain aspects* were a bit more difficult. I found myself suffering from what I thought to be honeymoon syndrome, I was bleeding but by all charting and careful birth control planning, I should have had 3 weeks before my awesome aunt made her monthly appearance. Along with the abdominal pain I decided to call the nurses at my doctor's office. So in I went... the doctor diagnosed me with endometriosis. We went forward, changed my birth control, and didn't really think anything of it.

Over the next year... things started getting worse. My pain was getting REALLY bad! I felt like I was on my period ALL the time. And for Mike, it wasn't a great thing either -- talk about shock to the husband system. He had a ton to deal with from me.

At about 1 year, it was really bad so in I went for another appointment. This time I was armed with every question I could think of and with all the research I could find. Of course I had read a lot about severe cases resulting in fertility problems. I knew what that meant but Michael and I weren't ready to start having kids. I was deep into my degree and having a child meant stopping school and all that tuition money we'd spent. So when the doctor told me that with the pain I was having and the look of things, if I didn't start trying to have children right away I may never get the chance I was scared.

Talk about a shock. I was only 20 years old and someone was telling me that I might not be able to have kids!! Are you kidding me?

Michael and I didn't know what to think but I started re-think my priority list.

School and family

What order did those two fall?

Up until that point, school came before kids. Not because I wasn't wanting kids, but because my education was really important too and kids could come after I had my degree. At least that's what everyone told us we needed to do.

With this new information, we started thinking about if we were ready. Mike's input was simple but profound, if having a baby is going to bring us so much happiness, why would we put it off. Especially with the new idea that if we didn't start having kids now, we might not be able to.

It wasn't really a question. We would start trying right away.

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