10 July 2013

2 Years

I know, I know! We're basically marriage pros at this point!
Michael and I just celebrated our 2 year anniversary! 
I'm happy to report that we are more in love than ever before. A certain country song is coming to mind right now....

I can't wait for our love to grow like this.  Through kids, gray hairs, grandkids, and so much more! 

For our 2 year anniversary, we were in Texas visiting his family. (More on that trip later)

We took some time on Saturday night and went out for an amazing dinner at The Melting Pot. 

It was so good! If you've never made it to a fondue restaurant, save some money, and splerge on the whole experience! 

This is the way to do it: 
Course 1: Cheese Fondue
Course 2: Salad (this one is optional 
but at the Melting Pot it's included in the full experience)
Course 3: Main Course - This is where you choose the liquid that your
 meat and seafood is cooked in and what types of meat/seafood you want. 
We went with the classic which includes 2 types of beef, 
3 types of chicken, and shrimp. It also includes a bowl of veggies. 
Course 4: Dessert! Chocolate Fondue at it's finest! Choose a chocolate 
variety (we got the turtle with milk chocolate, caramel, and pecans!)

Seriously, find a Melting Pot location by you because it's amazing! 

Moral of this story, I love chocolate, but not nearly as much as I love this guy!

Thanks for 2 unforgettable years and countless more to come! 

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