18 September 2013

can i take a sick day?

How is it September and I have an awful cold/flu mess going on? This wasn't supposed to happen for a few months! Maybe November or December? Not September!

We're deep into school and I just don't have time to stay in bed all day. I'm drugged up and trying to push through.

It's not going well. 

Every time I'm called on in class I sound like I've been *punched* in the face. I can hardly form sentences, let alone get them to come out correctly.
Not to mention the sniffles.... If you've ever been in a college library then you know that the kid with the sniffles is the one you want to DIE!

Today, I woke up thinking, "I feel like crap but maybe if I look better, I'll feel better!" So I got all cute, which really just means straightened hair that's not in a pony. and headed to class.

it didn't help.

it didn't help one bit.
So I'm going to class, running a *MUST DO* errand and going home. home sweet home.
All I want to do it curl up in bed and sip some hot cocoa. But no.... that would require time, time I just don't have. So I'll be at home, studying and just trying not to infect others.

Wish me well, and if you're feeling like a bit of the sniffles are headed your way, share your winning remedies so I can be back on top soon.

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