04 November 2013

friday football feature -- Game Day Dress

I had plans to post this feature after the first home game but, if you're a Cougar football fan you know that when we beat Texas there was a HUGE, terrible rain storm. I was looking super cute in my dress when the worst downpour started.
I got SOAKED and so did my cute dress from Frocks by KAV
This pic doesn't do it justice. We were dripping! So we went home to change before the game started which was an awesome decision because there was a 2 hour weather delay!
While that was super sad, I had a chance to wash and dry the dress so I can report that it took the weather and wash like a champ!

I love this dress and I've had so many compliments on it. It's fun to have a spirited dress to mix up the t-shirt but still have all the team support!

I love these other styles too!  Kimberly can mix and match any style you want and she is super fun to work with!

Last pic just for fun, here is me being super awkward during picture taking.... but the dress looks awesome!

Visit Frocks by KAV and order your game day dress!

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