18 December 2013

BYU vs Notre Dame

We had a rude awakening a few weekends ago on the winter weather front! Holy COLD!
Notre Dame was an awesome experience and I'm so glad that I had an opportunity to go and experience everything that such a historic university had to offer me. My favorite part was that I got to experience the whole thing with my awesome sister and her family!
We started our adventure in Indianapolis when Candi picked me up from the airport and we headed to South Bend. I loved the drive with those cute kids. It was awesome to get to chat and catch up about everything!
it was a bumpy ride but we were laughing the whole way!
We hurried on over the the fireside and listen to the players and coaches sing and testify of Jesus Christ. It's always a game weekend favorite!
When we woke up, the bitter chill was beckoning us out for the game! We spent a few hours exploring Notre Dame and everything it has to offer. The campus is beautiful and there is so much history!
We have to have a pic in our cougar gear before it was covered up by layers and layers of coats! 
Who doesn't want a Angry Birds hat? 
The basilica was beautiful! There were so many people looking around, some praying, others just taking in the ornate painting and woodwork! This is a minor basilica recognized by the catholic church. 

 The golden dome, another famous sight, was the first building the be a part of the campus. At one point it housed the whole university.

Touchdown Jesus! A crowd favorite and one we couldn't miss out one. This is on the side of the library and is tall enough to be seen from the stadium!

We finally found a warm spot to get some food. There were a lot of games for the kids, projectors with ESPN and warmth!
We could have had a better outcome for the Cougars but it was still a great game. 
I'm so glad my sister drove all day with her family to be at the game! 
The next days paper had none other than Mr. Michael Yeck on the cover.
Sad score, but I love that number 77! 

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  1. brrr! I heard that game was freezing cold!



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