26 February 2014

Custom Window Top Coffee Table

Mike and I got a little bit ambitious and decided to finally build our coffee table. We've had the idea for over a year and it's just been a matter of making it happen.
We got this awesome window from Ranger College when they finally got them replaced about 2 years ago.
Yes, these were still in the college 2 years ago. They were ready for an update!

This has been displayed on our wall for quite a while but I never loved it just hanging there. When we started sanding and prepping we were about half way through when we realized it was probably painted with lead paint. 
We hurried to Home Depot and found a lead test kit. Who knew they had those? 
We tested all 4 layers of paint and found all of them were lead based. We were already more that half way it so we kept going, this time with masks! 

While I worked on the window pane, Michael started building the frame. 
We don't have a garage. So in January in Utah, we were building in our kitchen. All we have is a drill and a hand saw so we were lucky to have some friends with a table saw we could use for the sides and bottom panels. 
After some primer, paint and LOTS of time keeping the window glass paint free, we had this awesome new coffee table, with tons of storage! 
I love that we can lift up to top and store so much inside. 
Plus we have tons of storage underneath! It's perfect for books, computer cords, movies, games, etc. 


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