28 March 2014

Scholarship Dinner - *BLESSED*

Last night we went to the BYU Athletics Scholarship Dinner.
It was a wonderful experience! It was so amazing to be able to talk about all of the blessings and opportunities these athletes have due to their donor-funded scholarships.

We've always talked about what our life would be like if Michael hadn't been offered a scholarship to play football. We would have 2 options:
1- I dropout and get a full-time job to support him through football and school.
2- He stops playing football.
Both of these options include us giving up something that is so important to us. We never want that.
So it's impossible for me to simply say I'm grateful for his scholarship and the generosity of those who have provided it. I'm grateful, I'm amazed, I'm overwhelmed, I'm feeling blessed. I am also to happy I was able to look at them for a moment and tell then they haven't wasted it. He works hard, does well in school, and has goals they would be proud to support.

So if the Bowen family ever reads this post, let me say THANK YOU again. Your influence in our life will not be forgotten. Our children will know your name and they will grow up knowing that you helped us achieve all we have and will have because of our experience at BYU.

Oh, and the food was pretty dang great! 
I could get used to these catered football dinners. 

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  1. I was a pleasure to meet you two the other night. Your attitude of gratitude is touching and makes us proud to be able to be a small part of your BYU experience. The time at BYU will be some of the best memories you will have as a couple. Best of luck with all of your studies and adventures. We'll be cheering especially loud for #77 this fall!



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