11 March 2014

This Beautiful Song

After I posted about our fertility journey, I've been overwhelmed with the love and support from others.
So many have come to me and expressed their gratitude for my post because they were feeling alone in the fight. Again, you are not alone! Since that post, I've been talking to, having lunch dates, and getting to know so many people who are struggling. They each have a beautiful song, I'm grateful they're shared with me!
Whether their song is of grief or hope in their stage, it's beautiful! These kind hellos and outreaches of love are so powerful and something that I will treasure!
A good friend of ours is dating a great girl. It's been so fun to get to know her and I've falling in love with her sweet spirit, especially after she reached out to me with this:
I can't even describe how much this meant to me! A wonderful woman that I barely knew was sharing something so sweet with me!
Beautiful right? This girl is amazing! If you would like to download the lyrics, click HERE

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