10 April 2014

SFL Journal #13

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We've been talking about Native American culture in my class lately. It's been very interesting to learn about the cultural struggles the early American Indians experiences because they were unable to remain on their land and how those early struggles effect family life today. In a very short "wrap-up" - because they were unable to remain on their native land, they were unable to keep their traditions alive that were so closely tied to their environment. This effects family life today because much of their traditions are not able to be passed down to the new generations.

My family in Southern Utah has always had tied to Indian culture. I remember spending time in the hills looking at the beautiful primitive homes carved from the mountain. The pottery made by the people who first inhabited the land was so cool to look at. I was taught a deep respect for the people and the contributions they've made.

My grandmother had a very extensive collection of native turquoise jewelry and I can never imagine seeing her without her jewelry.

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