11 August 2014

A broken toe and a snarky wife...

At practice on Thursday Mike came out of a play with pain in his left foot. The trainers checked him out and saw that his toe was swelling really fast.

This practice happened to be a public practice so there were a lot of people there. I made my way to the area he was at to see if I could tell if it was his knee, ankle, or foot.

I got as close as I could and one of the "security" guys I know said, "Sorry, we can't let you past today like usual. We have to rope it off when it's open to the public." I replied, "That's okay. It looks like Mike's hurt so I wanted to see what's up."

Some random guy said, Don't worry, he's fine. Trust me, I was a lineman, I know.

I turned to look at this guy. Let me tell you, he just didn't look like a lineman. Thin, maybe even skinny doesn't begin to describe this guy.

So I said, "You look like it." Maybe he was offended.

His response was just kinda 'know it all' and it bugged. He said, Trust me, I know the o-line really well.

As I turned to walk away because they were bringing Mike to the training room, I said, "Yeah, I know them pretty well too." (I think that was the line that sounded a bit snarky)

So I got into the training room and they said Mike had just jammed his big toe.

That sucks but he's okay. They put him in a boot and off he went.

I came home and was browsing twitter when I found this gem...
I'm glad I can handle myself.... but apparently I seemed "scolding".

So Thursday came, he busted his butt in practice but it was still killing him. The trainers pulled him and they took him to get an x-ray because it looked terrible! Come to find out, his toe is broken in 2 places!
On Saturday, after the BYU scrimmage, this floated across Twitter...
My response was, "Wife always knows". And it's true. I've been focused on one guy on the field for 4 years now and I know if he's hurt. So you may "know the line" but I know him a lot more.

So today, Mike saw a specialist for his foot. It's going to be about 9 more days until he can run and then assess the situation before he can play.

After seeing countless injuries in our time here, it's a blessing that he's only out for a few weeks. We're glad it's only a broken toe.
*Quotes are as remembered and not exact*

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