06 October 2014

Review of Rock Canyon Pharmacy

**I have not been paid, nor am I affiliated with Rock Canyon Pharmacy**

I have been SO impressed with the local pharmacy here is Provo!! It's not everyday that you come in contact with a company that goes above and beyond to provide the best service possible. 

Rock Canyon Pharmacy is a smaller pharmacy that does it's own compounding of some medications. Compounding is the practice of making medications. They may combine medications or put the medication in a different form and the correct dosage.

After discovering some of the causes of our fertility problems, the doctor sent us to Rock Canyon to get my prescription. I was initially impressed with the service but nothing amazing.

After 1 month on this medication I started having an reaction and became very uncomfortable. I called my doctor and he assured me that it must be something the medication was compounded in.

I called the pharmacy and they were very quick to offer to compound a batch in a more natural medium. Nervous about the increased cost, I asked what they would charge. "Nothing" was their quick response. "We'll whip some up for you at the same price you're paying." The pharmacist made a note on my account and told me to be sure to give them 24 hours to prepare when I needed it.

I was IMPRESSED! When I needed my refill I forgot to call in until about 1 hour before they closed so I just asked for a refill on the standard version. I could tough it out for a while.

When I got to the pharmacy I asked what kind they had given me, just in case they saw the note on my account. The pharmacist felt so bad that he hadn't seen the note. I assured him that I was planning on the standard version because I called so last minute. He was very apologetic and begged me to let him make some for me.

I told him I would give these another chance but that I would call if I had any issues.

I was so pleased with how quickly he wanted to right the situation that wasn't even his fault! Rock Canyon Pharmacy has made me a lifetime member!

Oh, and did I mention that their prices were awesome? They ARE!

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