12 February 2015

Big Announcements

Wow! These past few weeks have been crazy and we've had lots of changes in the works.

After completing our journey as students at BYU, Michael and I returned to Provo for his shoulder surgeries and so I could continue to work for BYU on a somewhat temporary basis. During this time, the opportunity presented itself to move into Michael's grandparents old house in Kaysville and renovate it. We were very excited at the prospect of having a home and all the opportunities it could bring. After a lot of thought and prayer, we decided it would be the best choice for us. 

So for the past month, we have been working non-stop on the house and I've been job hunting up north. 

Boy has it been hard! We decided to start a no smoking campaign after all the work we've done. Check out our YouTube videos here: Smoking Kills Your Lungs and Your House

As far as the job hunt goes, it's always fun. I've actually really enjoyed the opportunities I've had to interview with some great organizations. During the process I've turned down 2 positions because I felt there was something else out there for me. I interviewed at one company 5 times! I initially started out applying for an administrative assistant position but the corporate recruiter felt I was overqualified, saw my marketing experience, and chose to send my resume along to that department. After 3 interviews with that department, I received an offer! It was definitely a confidence booster to hear that they felt I was leaps above their other applicants.  So as of January 16th I will be a Marketing Project Manager at Progrexion.

To add to our fun news....
We found and are getting this cute fella! Bama will be joining our family on February 21st. We already have him booked in training classes and his collar and tag are waiting for him! 

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