10 March 2016

It's a BOY!!

Waiting to go the the doctor's office on March 9th was the hardest. I don't think I've ever been so unproductive at work.

All along we thought it was a boy. I'd had dreams about a boy and it just felt right. However, on Wednesday I was convincing myself all day that it was a girl. After thinking for so long it was a boy, I was scared I'd get it there, it would be a girl and I'd be sad. So all day before my appointment, it was all about Baby Girl Yeck.

As instructed, I arrived at the office with an extremely full bladder. Plus all the excitement, I'm shocked I kept my bladder full. We were so nervous sitting in the waiting room. I don't think we've ever been so giddy!

We got back to the office and they did all the normal check-up things. Again, we're on pins and needles here. Finally they take up back to the ultrasound room. 

Dr. Johnson starts checking out Baby Yeck and when he gets to the "goods", Baby's legs are closed tight! I was devastated and scared they'd send me home without knowing. Dr. Johnson pushed around a little but this Babe was not showing anything. So the doctor left and gave me some suckers to try and sugar rush Baby while he finished other patients. 

Mike and I were so nervous. I ate those suckers so fast and tried hard to not think about my nearly exploding bladder. After about 45 minutes the doctor came back and checked again. And boy were things different!

Baby boy's legs were WIDE open and giving us a great shot. The first thing our doctor said was, "Well, that's a flagpole and girls don't have flagpoles.". We were so excited! I completely forgot about the impending doom my bladder was about to experience. Although, as soon as the doctor asked how that was feeling it all came back and I rushed to the bathroom. 

We left the office in a euphoria. We were right, it's a boy! We're having a son. 
So we went and dyed my hair blue, took some pics, called some family, and went to eat! 

Oh, and I took this video. 

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