26 January 2017

Owlet Giveaway

Ok, if you were to ask me what one material item of Judd's I would take if our house were on fire, it would be this!

The Owlet is a monitor that watches your baby while you sleep. It uses the same pulse oximetry technology that they use at the hospital and doctors offices - when they put that little red light on your finger. It measures heart rate and blood oxygen levels.

For babies, they put it on their feet. So some smart people said, "We can make this for home use and reduce the risk of SIDS." (I mean that's what I think they said, cuz that's what I would say!) So while you're sleeping, this monitor makes sure your baby's heart is beating strong and lungs are breathing away.

We purchased ours far before Judd was born. I HAD to have it for my own peace of mind. Then, after Judd spend over 1 week in the hospital for breathing problems, I was SO grateful I'd bought it. Our NICU doctor even recommended we get one. He was happy to hear we'd had one for weeks.

This cute sock has helped me sleep just as much as Judd. I 100% would have been the mom that laid on Judd's floor and watched him breathe. Especially after being in the NICU for breathing problems! Talk about nerve-wracking!

This sock is a part of our bedtime routine and we love it. It's comfy for Judd and is seriously my lifeline to night-time sanity. Once, Mike had Judd asleep and was about to lay him down when we realized I'd forgotten to put his Owlet on. There was no question, we were un-swaddling, in zipping the PJs, and putting it on. We don't go a night without it - and I'm one well-rested momma!


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