28 October 2011

Life of a New WIFE!

Mike and I just got married about 6 weeks ago! It has been great! I'm a big fan! While Mike's been busy with football I've just been trying to learn how to be the greatest wife ever!!
Between my failed cooking attempts and inability to keep our bedroom clean I'm not sure how I'm doing.
In my defense, our front room and kitchen are almost always clean and our oven isn't the most reliable thing in the world.

Mike goes off to practice every morning and when I get back from dropping him off I usually jump back into bed and sleep for another couple of hours. :)
Then, as a newly wed couple you'd think we'd be spending a ton of time together. But when I drop him off at 7 and pick him up at 9, it leaves just about an hour for some Man vs Food, Duel Survival, Tosh.0, or Deadliest Catch. Then it's off to bed!
I have to say, going to bed at 10:30 every night has been a good change to my freshman year routine. Bed time is my favorite time!
When that alarm goes off at 7:00 am it just about breaks my heart. I usually grab onto Mike to see if I can hold him in bed just a little bit longer. Have you seen him, I lose that battle. He's really good about getting up and going, which will be really good for me!

I think it's too hard to think of one favorite part of being married. Here are some of the best.
1- just sitting down and watching a movie.
2- knowing he doesn't have to leave at midnight anymore.
3- Sundays!
4- going to the temple.
5- cuddles and spoons.
6- watching him play football.
7- how focused he is when he watches football.
8- hhrmm?
9- football tackles.
10- those kisses that remind me of the first.

Marrying Michael was the best decision I have ever made and I'm reminded of it every day!!

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