23 November 2011

My Thankful Post

While I know this is incredibly "cliche", I'm doing it anyway! This is my list of things I'm thankful for:
1- My faith- I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior. I have such a strong testimony of why I'm here and where I came from. Many times in my life I have felt love from my Savior and many times have I seen the hand of the Lord.

2- My AMAZING husband! I look at him sometimes and just don't understand how I could love someone so much! Everyday my love for him grows- what a great part of life. I know that no matter how hard life is or how much I hate school, I'm going home to a man who loves me!

3- My family. If you know the Glover's you know we have a lot of fun! It hurts that we're all so far apart but it makes those short visits or those phone calls so sweet! I always look forward to the phone tag with Candi, the cleaning talks with Natalie, the long over-due catch-up with Aimee, the check-up from Ben, the messages from Dad and the daily consults with Mom. They keep me sane and Mike surely appreciates that!

4- My other Family! I have such great in-laws! They really take care of us and I love chatting with all of them. Mike always jokes that him Mom doesn't talk to him anymore, it's always me! haha

5- BYU Football- While I'm ready for the season to be over, it doesn't mean I don't love every second of those games! The time I get to see Mike play makes everything worth it! Also, I'm grateful for the other wives on the team! It has been so amazing to get to know each of them and I'm looking forward to growing closer over the next few years.

These are my TOP 5! There are many things I could write about and I could be here all day! Have a great Thanksgiving, enjoy family, friends and lots of FOOD!

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