04 January 2012

Christmas 2011

I absolutely LOVE Christmas and all that it entails: hot cocoa, wreaths, candy canes, music, decorations, a tree, etc.
Mike doesn't love cocoa unless he's freezing and unless you've been to the Glover house in winter you have no idea what real hot chocolate is. It may have your daily allotment (or two) of calories but it's amazing! A Christmas tradition that will always have Mom written all over it. It warms your soul and makes you feel like your already snuggled next to a warm fire.

I made my own wreath this year. It may have been pinterest inspired but I still kinda did my own thing! However, thanks to a phone death I lost my cute picture of it.  :(

A woman at work was always throwing candy canes onto my desk. I had a ton this year. She also fulfilled my music intake. I think she started Christmas tunes before Halloween. It was great. She gave me a copy of the Buble Christmas album, YES!

I had an awesome time decorating our little place. Mom sent me a few things to get me started which had to include a snowman! Our tree was so cute, the perfect size for our apartment. We went hunting for the perfect one with our friends and neighbors, the Riggs!

Now for most people Christmas means a couple of weeks off school and work and getting to be with family and friends for MANY days. YAY!! We had a great break from school and saw some friends from the team but other than that, no such luck.
Because the bowl game was Dec. 30 we had to stay in Provo for practice until the 23rd. We left as soon as we could to Texas to be with Mike's family.

It was great, relaxing and just tons of fun... for 2 days. Christmas was great!

We had to report to the team hotel on the 26th. Kinda tough to have Christmas break in 2 days but we made the most of it!CHristmas

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