16 February 2012

Armed Forces Bowl - 2011

We had an amazing time in Texas for the Armed Forces Bowl!

I think we had lunch with the Folsom's everyday, they are the greatest!

We even got box sets at a Mavs game.

Mike's family was at the game with us and it was a blast!

We all loved every bit of the game. This is Mike screaming after the first touchdown.

Isn't he the hottest man ever? Especially in those pants!

I think this was the cutest girl there! Millie loved every second of the game!

Like I said, we were lucky to be in Texas where Mike's from so instead of heading back to Provo with the team, we stayed and played with family for a few more days!
I got to experience Babe's chicken which was to die for! We are definitely going there again!

We had to leave a little earlier than we planned because we DROVE back to Provo in the TRUCK!
Needless to say I was so excited about that!

It was an amazing vacation and we were only sad it was too short! :( Happy Bowl Game Y'all!

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