21 February 2012

Book Review: Room

I had to read this book for a sociology class and in my past experiences reading for classes it is almost always a bore! Room had me sitting up in bed until way too late clutching the pages and literally hitting my husband with excitement and at times suspenseful fear because the story was simply that great!

In this remarkable book we are thrown into the life of Jack Jack, a five year old boy living a life unlike anyone else. His young mother hasn't left that room for 7 years and Jack knows nothing outside this small but seemingly safe space. Captured by an attacker while attending college Jack's mom has done everything in her power to care for her son and keep the peace with Old Nick.

Like I said I was enthralled with this story. The idea of how isolation effects us is remarkable. What this mother did for her son is the greatest love imaginable. The narration is given from Jack Jacks's perspective causing the reader to more fully understand the implications of the life they've been forced to live and the protection this mother provided under horrible circumstances.

Emma Donoghue does an amazing job of taking us into the way a five year old would really think. I personally think writing like that would be very challenging. It takes you a little while to get used to a little boy with minimal socialization's terminology but when you do it becomes captivating. The descriptions of the location are so powerful that I really felt like I could be there too!

This book is worth the read! Take the time and get lost in the world of little Jack Jack. Then, come back here and tell me what you think! 

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