20 February 2012

Disneyland- Tricks of the Trade


My husband and I are heading to Disneyland in April and we are ridiculously excited! We kinda missed out on the honeymoon so we're playing make-up.

We all know Disneyland is crazy and expensive so I've been tracking down some of the best tricks and tips.

My first tip is to look around for the best ticket prices! Disney does great offers for military personnel and with only a quick call you can be saving hundreds! Also check out Mouse Savers for additional information about other promotions and ticket helps. And most importantly remember you can always call Disneyland if you are not sure about the validity of an offer.

As far as hotels go I don't know if staying at the Disney Resorts will really enhance anything. Stay at a nearby hotel and still get the benefits of a great pool without the added expense. Also, if your kids don't know about the Disney hotel, they won't be worried they aren't there.

Now when you are there. Hopefully you got passes for more than one day so you're not trying to cram everything in, especially if you have kids. With more than one day you can make the most of your time. Leave and come back later, have lunch where ever, take a nap or hit the pool at your hotel. Even a drive to the beach may make this get-a-way even better!

I've heard that you should take the resort in a clockwise fashion, starting with adventureland and moving around because most people start with tomorrow land and go the opposite. This may cut down on your time in lines.
Most important, don't just run around like a chicken with your head cut off. Take each section and do everything you want there before moving on. Try to experience everything--even if you don't have kids, take the moment to check out Mickey's house and the Enchanted Tiki Room--you won't regret it!

Fast Passes
Fast Passes will be your life saver, take advantage of them! Grab them when your walking past that line that seams unbearably long! Then note the time and take off doing something else. Next time you check your watch and see that the fast pass is valid, stroll on back and hop on!

Stroller Passes
For those of you with kids, take note! Stroller passes will be your best friend. Like I mentioned before Disneyland is great for all ages! So when you see that ride that your little ones can't go on, never fear, Stroller Pass is here! You can stand in line and when you get the the cast member, tell them you want to go and then your husband. Once you get off your hubby can go straight to the front and be on and off the ride while you watch the kids. Or if you went with more than one family two people can use a stroller pass at a time. The ladies watch the kids while the men soar down Splash Mountain and then switch. 
Don't be afraid to mix your fast passes and stroller passes. Take advantage of all the offers you have. If you ever have questions ask a character or worker, they are happy to answer any questions! 

Especially if you are with little ones you should make a point to get a picture with the characters they love the most. And get one taken of you and your husband with Mickey and Minnie, you will end up loving it forever! 

Capture the Memories
Take lots of photos, you don't want to forget all the fun you are having!
Disney has a service called Disney PhotoPass which will help you capture all the memories with everyone in it. You can view your photos later online. Check out the link for more details!
The Disney photographers are easy to spot and located at most iconic places. You will never worry that the whole family can't get in with Goofy because Dad has to take the picture.
Doesn't it seem like Disney has solved all our problems?

Rest-up Time
When you've been standing in line all day or running around you are bound to get tired and those kids are not going to want to wait in another line. So hit an attraction that has less lines and lasts longer than just a roller coaster. When kids are moving they are usually happy. :) Usually!
Shows and walk-through attractions are the way to go.

Shows: (just to name a few)
Turtle Talk with Crush
A Bug's Life: It's Tough to Be a Bug!
Enchanted Tiki Room
Disneyland: The First 50 Magical Years/ Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln

Tom Sawyer's Island
Sleeping Beauty's Castle
Mickey's Toontown
Sorcerer's Workship (never heard of it but sounds super fun)

Hidden Mickeys
All around Disneyland are hidden Mickey heads. These provide for a good distraction in line when your kids are getting restless! "who can find the Mickeys first?" just might keep them occupied for a minute. Even adults can have fun with this too! Feel free to ask cast members to point them out to you or give you hints!

Smartphone Apps
Personally, I think I'm on my phone too much and I'm planning on keeping it at the bottom of my bag for our trip (yeah right!) but I hope I'll only be using it for pictures and the convienent Disneyland apps. Check these out and find your favorite. I'm anxious to use the ones with line wait times! For the iPad there is a great one for kids with pictures, videos or games associated with each attraction! We loved looking at that one! It can really get you geared up for all the fun!

My husband and I are taking off to Disneyland, pre-children, just to have some fun together. However, make sure you take you kids there. Make sure your little girl can go when she's still obsessed with the princesses and when your boys still think Buzz is cool!

Disneyland is where magic happens, don't forget to let that magic happen!

Please post you comments and tips! I would love to hear more of your experiences. 

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