19 March 2012

Mirror Mirror...

I love having mirrors all over the place. I really like homes that have one right by the front door. Not only is it great to look at before you leave the house but it's nice when you've been cooking and may or may not have flour all over yourself and suddenly the neighbor knocks on your door. That's never expected. :)

A well placed mirror can add perfect depth and variety to a room! Try it out and see how it compliments your space!

So here are some of my favorite rooms full of mirrors:

This one is great, an elegant yet modern framed mirror give a great compliment to the other decor. Also, the white not only contrasts but also compliments the other colors working in the room.
A big mirror in a big room! I love it all the time. This shape of the mirror gives a fun effect, especially against the busy and beautiful wall. The black trim is fantastic above the light sofa.
Okay, last one! This is a very chic and lovely use of mirrors in a bathroom. Having lots of smaller mirrors in a space gives a great feel and a nice appeal!

So check out this decorating idea and let me know how you like it! We are always loving comments and suggestions for other readers!!

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