12 April 2012

"the last thing thursday"

I was visiting a fellow blogger and found a great idea! Over at the life of the wife she does something new and fun! So I thought I'd jump in. You should too! Just write the "last thing" you... it can be anything and it can get interesting and funny!

So here are my "last things":

Loved: The beautiful flowers my husband gave to me at a perfectly random moment!

Look at that guy! So sweet!

Atecreamy chicken enchiladas

and boy were they good!

Laughed At: My sister's blog! She was posting about her funny life and stories about her kids. They have the greatest and funniest stories to share and I was literally laughing out loud!! Just a tidbit from her page:

Tonight while snuggling with my boys before bed, Trey got really serious and said, "Mommy, how do you do an armpit fart?" Toby asked what that was and Trey said; "It's this really fancy thing you do with your armpit!"

A few Saturdays ago our family had been out for the day running errands when my neighbor called saying she needed to talk to me about something. It turns out while we were gone her son had come over to play and when no one answered the door he checked to see if it was locked - it wasn't (apparently I only lock the doors when I want to leave other peoples children alone in our home) he decided this was the perfect opportunity to spend the day with our Wii. She thought he was at another friends house and after discovering he wasn't there saw his bike at our place, knocked, and when no one answered her "spidey senses" went off - she checked our door and walked in to find her son enjoying the day in our Wii room. Good to know someone was holding down the fort for us! While she explained 'breaking and entering' to her son, we laughed.

 How is this not funny?? I just love everything she posts!!

Cried at: My sister-in-law's family blog. It just reminded me how much I miss her and her family! These kids are amazing and sometimes I just miss home!

 Look at the sweet little girl! 

You should check out her amazing photography blog! Tammy Hawkins Photography

Bought: Lash Stiletto Mascara! I love this stuff! I think it's the best I've ever bought!
$7.34 at Walmart.

I've linked up and joined the fun at:

The Life of the Wife 

This was really fun - so hop on over and see what everyone is up to! 


  1. Oooh I'm a product junkie! I've been wanting to try that mascara! And how cute is your hubby for random flowers?!

    Thx for linking up!! So glad you did! See you next week right? :)


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