12 April 2012

Moving Plan

Mike and I are moving!! We're staying in the same town but just to a bigger and better apartment. I'm so excited to have a second bedroom for people to stay in during the craziness of football season. And my favorite part-- this place has a Washer and Dryer!! I have hated having to haul clothes up and down the stairs. It makes laundry a whole day affair.

So I've been browsing some of the best moving strategies and I thought I would share our plan of attack!

1- Start packing early!! 2-3 weeks in advance is nice. This helps cut down on the stress and rush to get everything organized. You can take the time to clearly label and sort everything out.

2- Sort while you pack-- Don't pack things you won't ever use. Start making a donation pile or just throw things away! Transferring your clutter is not something you want.

3- Focus on one area! Don't be jumping around. Make sure everything is in the right box. Kitchen things should not be anywhere near you clothes!

So where do you start??
Start packing what you know you won't need. So packing your toothbrush 2 weeks ahead is a very bad idea!! There are tons of things you can start with.

Here is what I do:

-Decorations- Your home may look a bit bare but those can come down quickly and you don't want to ever be rushed packing breakables.

-Books- So easy to pack but they get heavy. Reserve your smaller boxes for this one.

-CDs and DVDs- ok leave out your kiddos favorite but everything else can be crossed off quick. You can live without them for a while.

-Storage-Under our bed has lots of things we just don't use often at all. Get those organized and in boxes early.

   the easy ones: game closet and entry closet
   linen closet- pack up most everything. You can rewash just a couple of towels until moving day.
   bedroom closets- pack up the things on shelves that aren't clothes first. Then start with everything that is not in season. When it get closer to move-1 week- decide what you want to wear and lay those out. Try to mix and match and leave out as little clothes as possible.

-Bathroom- A lot of things under the sink are not used everyday. So start packing. Leave only the essentials. You don't need to look like a ROCKSTAR on moving day. No one will judge you.

-Kitchen- I save this for last. A few days before the move decide what your last new meals will be. Leave out only the things you will need for that. Try to use up things in your fridge. I hate moving a
a lot of perishables. There are a lot of areas in your kitchen that can be packed early. Cookbooks, spices, serving bowls, etc. Leave out only a couple of plates, silverware, and glasses but the rest do in boxes. Leave a box out to put the rest in as you finish using them.

You will want to leave the cleaning products out so you can clean the place after everything is gone. So those will be the last things. But get then organized. Throw away old or empty bottles.

These are just some of my favorite moving helps. Do what works best for you and your family but remember, ORGANIZE and have a PLAN!

Good luck!!


  1. I disagree on the "Kitchen things should not be anywhere near you clothes" idea- I hate to bother paying for and carting around packing material like paper, styrofoam peanuts & bubble wrap for breakables, so I use linens, pillows and clothing to protect fragile items. I'm moving them anyway, and there's no waste.

    1. Teri- That is a very good point! Utilize the things you have to make packing easier and cheaper. I don't think I would ever or have ever purchased packing materials. My point is to just not have things scattered all over your packing. Maybe keep kitchen linens for kitchen breakables, living room blankets for the nice decor in that room, etc. Thanks for the comment and great idea!


    2. Thank you Teri, I did the same thing last time I moved and it works, less waste and harm to our planet.

  2. PS: great post, and I found you via Pinterest!

  3. We're probably moving to Ohio in July so this is great advice. Thanks.

  4. These are all amazingly useful tips. Moving is never easy but with such tips, this process can become less stressful. I also agree with using your own linens or hand towels as packing papers to cut down your expenses. Anyhow, thank you for this useful post.

  5. Will you come and pack MY house, pretty please?


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