13 April 2012

Long Jeans

For those of you who don't actually know me, I'm a very tall gal! Coming in at 6'4", I'm not just kinda tall, I'm really tall!

Some old friends and me--at least a head taller than all. 
And I'm not standing up straight!

So purchasing jeans has never been the easiest thing. My dad joked that I should just wear guys jeans. Needless to say that was not what this insecure teen wanted to here.

Jeans are expensive and sometimes finding good quality is hard to do.  I've compiled a list of my favorite jean retailers that provide inseams up to 37-38 inches!

Alloy - This is where I usually start. It's an online store that carries a ton of great variety! From colored skinnys to chic trousers, Alloy has something for everyone. They are very good with returns to feel free to buy a couple of pairs.

Delias- They are opening new locations! They don't have a ton of physical stores but their online store is bustling!

Buckle - If I need something quick and don't have time to get it shipped I usually turn to Buckle. They have stores all over so it's nice to run in there. Buckle one of the most expensive options but there are ways to shop without dropping a ton! Go for BKE brand. They are buckle exclusive, look great, and are the least expensive option.

PZI Jeans - I've never tried this place but it look very trendy and fun! They have colored jeans and skinnys for people who never thought they could pull off skinnys. This will be the place I buy my next pair of jeans!

Please let me know of your favorite places to buy jeans! We could all use the help and

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