14 April 2012

Monday Moments -- {#1}

This is the first of the Monday's Moments series here at Just 2 Birds

Monday's Moments is a time when you can share something you have done with your family this past week. For ideas of format for the post check out this.

Monday's Moments - 4/16

Last week we finished up our last days of class! It's so nice to be done with all of them! Now we just have finals to worry about! I'm not sure how great our Monday's Moments will be after that less than joyous experience!

On Tuesday I came down with an awful cold! I was feeling miserable but still took off to work. When Mike came to pick me up he had this beautiful tulip for me! He's such a sweet guy and has been taking great care of this sick sick wife.

Then on Friday I was feeling even worse! But once again I found myself at work. He showed up with chicken noodle soup--what a guy!

Saturday was the first day of finals are we hit it hard. Mike took 2! I only had one but it was still such a bear. After we headed to the store to grab somethings for Sunday's dinner. We walked in and Mike said we should each pick out a treat. It was a perfect way to end our first day of finals.

 please excuse the messy area behind us - the moving process is fully underway!

This last week was a good one and we made the most of our time together. I never want to look back on my week and feel like I failed because I didn't show enough love. I can fail in almost every other way but I never want to lack love.

So come join in on the fun! I'd love to hear what great things you are doing with your families! Just grab a button, put it in your post!

(ends Wednesday, April 18, 2012)

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