30 April 2012

Monday's Moments -- {#2}

Monday's Moments is a great way to share with others what things you are doing with your family or friends.

This is a moment for me to step away from the DIYing, crafting, cooking, etc. and take a look at how great your family is!

Monday's Moments -- 4/30

This last week Mike and I took off on our honeymoon. I know, we've been married for 9 months are just taking our honeymoon. We went to Kanab, UT, Las Vegas, and DISNEYLAND!!

All of that fun stuff was great but I most enjoyed the car drive. Yes, we drove. It was only 12 hours and we broke it up to make it even more bearable. I loved driving with the love of my life and just talking.

I get to know more about him every time we talk so a good 24 hours in the car gave me even more time to fall in love with my love!

This week I learned that my husband will always be the nice guy on the rode. Even when his wife is yelling at the idiot drivers! He is so patient and understanding to everyone and that is something I'm grateful for everyday!

Further in my bragging on my husband-- We moved this weekend and I have to say no matter how much planning you do, it will always be a little stressful! Mike was so great! He took the lead and had everything figured out. Having him around made everything better.

Now we're home and moved and trying to get back into the grind. It's always tough to make transitions but if I've learned anything it's that home can be where ever your loved ones are. 

I am more and more in love with this man every day! :)


  1. Yayy glad you go to take your honeymoon! Sounds like a fun itinerary.

    1. Thanks! It really was a fun trip. Getting back to normal life is always hard though! I need a vacation after my vacation! :)


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