29 April 2012

Viva Las Vegas!

So most of you know from my moving post that Mike and I are moving this week, we are also going on our make-up honeymoon! We are driving to Disneyland but having a fun stop in Las Vegas! I'm super excited to just hangout on the strip and hit a fun show.

Our main trip consists of Disneyland but I wanted to still have fun in Vegas without spending a lot and without even staying the night.

So we pulled into Vegas at about 4 and left at 11pm. It was plenty of time and we could head to Cali for a fun day on the beach!

The most popular shows like Blue Man Group and the Phantom are super expensive so we decided to do something different. I was looking for a show and found Recycled Percussion. It was amazing. We only paid about $40 per ticket and we got a free seat upgrade so we were in the first row with VIP seating!

The show was great, it's interactive and some members of the audience may end up on stage! Many of you have probably seen this group on America's Got Talent but for those of you who haven't just head to Vegas, it's worth it!

After our show we walked along the strip and checked out the fountains at the Bellagio, a very iconic Vegas attraction that is free and easy for people to see.

If you keep walking down the strip you can see the volcano erupt at the Mirage. This was even better than the fountain! Shooting water and fire makes this one a very fun attraction and one you won't want to miss!

As for gambling: We aren't very into it but wanted to have some fun and try our luck. Before we left we went through our apartment and all the cars to collect all the coins we could. That went into a baggie and we were set for the slots. For the first time gambling I can understand how you can get carried away but it was fun to see what our luck would bring. So be careful!!

Many people consider Vegas to be a very expensive vacation but you can do it on a budget. Spend some time looking at Vegas.com to find some good deals on anything from shows, hotels, airfare, etc.

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