11 May 2012

30 days of healthy decisions--challenge time!

Alright readers, fellow bloggers and people in need of a life change - this is it. I'm going to be bringing you something healthy every day for 30 days.

Now joining the challenge is really easy! Check back here every day for the new daily health tip. Start with day one and move forward. Every day these ideas add on to each other so you're not trying to do everything all at once. Take it slow so your not over loading yourself with too much change, getting frustrated, and giving up.

Now here it the thing. I need to do this just as much as the next person in line. I'll be doing this right along with you and we will all need the motivation we can get right? So comment, email me, post something on the facebook page, etc. but lets do this together!

This is not going to be crash diet time. I'm sharing things that will help many of us to be a healthier person. Many of you may be doing some of my daily tips but for those of you who aren't join in and if you are then congrats, come and share your story for some motivation!

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