21 May 2012

Healthy Challenge - Day #10 -- Colorful Meals

Add Color to your Meals!
Happy Monday!

Make things colorful--change up your meals with some different fruits and veggies. Try something new and you may just love it.

Look for ways that professionals cook veggies and it may change the way you look at them. For example, I just tried blanching green beans-- it was great!

Some of my favorite veggies are:

Green Beans
Broccoli (yes I really love it)
Bell Peppers (makes for a great snack when sliced thin)
Carrots (the hubby's fav)
Spinach (in the right salad or in a smoothie this can be a great option)
Brussels Sprouts (I hated these as a kid but now they are quite nice and very good for you)

What are your favorite veggies and how do you eat them?

1 comment:

  1. I love almost all veggies! But the one lately that I'm starting to like more are sweet potatoes. I didn't grow up with them, but we've had them a few times lately different ways and they're starting to grow on me!


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