23 May 2012

Healthy Challenge - Day #12 -- Breakfast

Don't cut out breakfast!  

Too many people believe that is the way to lose weight-but it's not!

Here are 10 reasons to eat breakfast:

1- Jump start your day. Breakfast can provide you with the right nutrients to give you fuel for the day.

2- People who eat breakfast usually consume more nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

3- Eating breakfast means you'll snack on bad things less throughout the day! This actually cuts calories!

4- The American Heart Association shows that people who eat breakfast are less likely to be diabetic.

5- A balanced breakfast can help control your weight!

6- Like the Frosted Mini Wheats commercial says - breakfast keeps you "full and focused".
Breakfast jump starts your day and gets your metabolism moving.

7- Eating breakfast gives you more energy which leads to higher fitness levels.

8- Happier You! Nobody is very happy when they're hungry!

9- Eating breakfast can reduce your stress!

10- Eggs, a very popular breakfast food is very good for your skin

Like I've been telling you my husband has been meeting with a professional nutritionist and has been given very specific meal plans giving him the optimal nutritional value.

Breakfast consists of eggs and oatmeal. It's great and since I've started eating that I can really tell a difference in the way I feel during my mornings. It beats the groggy feeling I have when I just lay in bed and wait till the last minute to grab a granola bar and race out the door! 

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