22 May 2012

Having Hope

 This post is purely for the thoughts running through my mind. Please indulge me!

Tonight I realized/learned a lot about hope. Often times we feel down and like things aren't going our way and that they never will. Hope is the only thing that can pull us out of those dark days. 

Sometimes when things are going really great there is this thought in my head that says, "When is the low point going to happen?" I used to here often the phrase "For every high there is a low." 
Finally I realized that I don't like that idea. Why do we have to be anticipating something bad is going to happen. That will only lead to some serious anxiety!

I need to be able to cling to the hope that tomorrow will be a better day. And if today was already great then have hope that tomorrow will at least be just as great. When we are simply waiting for the bad to come along we won't be able to enjoy the greatness we have now. 

So take a moment to smell the roses and realize that hope will get you much further than the fear of what may or may not come next.

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  1. I LOVE what you had to say about hope. It is so important for us to enjoy the great moments in life and not spoil those great moments by living in anxiety of challenges to come. Thanks for this reminder to keep hope in our lives!


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