16 May 2012

Healthy Challenge - Day #5 -- Choosing Leaner Proteins

Lean out your protein! 

Most people in America are eating a lot of protein but we aren't always eating the right kinds.

Try to get the leanest meats you can find! Mike met with a nutritionist through the football team and he said to buy Foster Farms chicken breasts because they are very lean. I was a little put out because I thought they would cost a lot more. However, when I went to buy some I realized that the price per ounce was actually less!

Get your proteins from other places. Try out some nuts or beans. Like I said earlier raw almonds are one of my favorite snacks. It has protein which fills your up with goodness. Nut butters are great too! Venture out and try something other than peanut butter!

Also, beans are a great, cheap addition to dinner that gives you a lot of protein - just stay away from refried beans, they aren't nearly as good as black beans or garbanzo!

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