15 May 2012

Healthy Challenge - Day #4 -- Having Self-Confidance

 "You are BEAUTIFUL!"

Believing you are beautiful is the most important part of feeling great! That doesn't mean we don't have things we'd like to work on but you need to have confidence if you are going to accomplish your goals.

Today's healthy challenge is to get ready for the day and make yourself look great! Take an extra long shower or that time to curl your hair. Spend an extra minute in front of the mirror adding some eyeliner or a little "oomph" to those lips. Maybe just trying out some accessories that have been hiding because you've been sticking to the jewelery basics. I'm going to paint my nails even though I'm not very good at it. :)

Today I did my Jillian Michael's DVD workout and then took an extra long shower. It was so nice since we just installed a new shower head. I took my time to blow dry my hair just the way I like and then curled it. I gave myself plenty of time to do my make-up and made it a very relaxing environment with some music. I spent time on picking out my clothes instead of throwing on jeans and a tee.

Once I was ready (which really didn't take long) I felt so great! It was a fun time and very relaxing! Just taking an extra minute can make you feel so much better about yourself which makes other healthy decisions easier to make throughout the day! 

What makes you feel most beautiful?


  1. I'm excited about the competition we are starting! Your positive energy is infectious!

  2. Is anyone else commenting daily for points? I have to share my attempts at fulfilling today's challenge and what I am counting as my exercise.

    I started today's challenge by painting my nails, but got interrupted by my son's call of nature. We hopped in the shower for an extremely long shower. (William nursed himself to sleep for about an hour.)

    Later, in an attempt to change a light bulb, which brings me to my workout for the day! Tyler usually changes them and I thought I would save him the trouble and do it myself. My arms are going to be sore from holding the light fixture above my head for 30 min. Luckily my niece was able to help me.

    I still have only one hand painted with silver nail polish. But I physically feel better than I have in a long time. I love that we are doing this!


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