21 May 2012

Monday's Moments -- {#5}

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Monday's Moments 
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I love that it's summer time even if Mike's still in school and I'm working. 

Family: My parents came into town on Tuesday and Wednesday. I was so happy to be able to take a few days off of work and just have fun with them.  We had a blast making great food, playing games, and laughing until we cried! 

Food: I knew you were wondering what delicious foods I created with my Mom! First I made them my Cinnamon-Sugar Pull Apart Bread and my mom decided to make the most amazing strawberry cake! That recipe will be appearing on Just2Birds very soon! :)
For dinner Mike and I made them the Fajitas that we love and are working on perfecting! It was a great day for amazing food! 

More food: This is just to let you know how much I love those Fajitas... we had them again of Friday! We were feeding some missionaries from our church and decided to do that again! 

Saturday: Is there a better day? I love waking up and cuddling my husband while really just annoying that crap out of him until he wakes up and we can start our fun day. 
We started by doing my workout DVD together -- I was pretty nervous because I'm a little embarrassed to workout in front of him. It was the GREATEST! I loved having someone else there to laugh at the people on the DVD and it's great to have someone there to keep you motivated. He has been so supportive of my Healthy Challenge.

After getting ready we headed off to IKEA!!  We are not really looking for anything but Mike had never been and it's always fun to look at the great stuff in that place! 

 Look how handsome he is! Those are his dad's aviators! 

After IKEA we went to Chipotle! This is by far our favorite place to eat! Mike converted me on our second date. 

Holy YUM!!! :) We love this place! It's so good that there isn't one in our town! 

Sunday: A relaxing day with a dinner miracle that you can check out at my post about Homemade French Bread.
After dinner we headed down the street for Popsicle and to see the Solar Eclipse with some friends from church. It was tons of fun!! 

So here is to a great week had and hopes for a great week to come! :) 


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