22 May 2012

Healthy Challenge - Day #11 -- Slow Down!

Take your time when you eat!

I am so excited about today's healthy challenge because it's something I really need to work on! 

Sometimes we are so busy we hurry through mealtimes and I know, if our busy schedules sometimes that just happens. But here are 5 good reasons to SLOW DOWN:

1. Lose Weight: Eating slower allows your body to fill up and register when you are full. This will keep you from that nasty feeling when you wish you'd stopped a few chips earlier because now your stomach hurts!

2. Digestion: Eating slower allows you to chew your food more which gets more nutrients released and able to be absorbed.

3. Enjoy Your Food: Taking your time to eat will allow you to appreciate the tastes and textures. Allow your palette to clear before taking another bit. You'll find a greater appreciation for your taste buds!

4. Less Stress: Everything in our lives is rushed and complicated. Don't make the act of eating one of them. Take your time and enjoy your food!

5. It's Healthier: Eating too quickly can lead to digestion problems. Not only are you not getting all of the nutrients but you could be causing harm inside!

How should you do this?

-- Have a meal before you become famished. If you're starving you will try and scarf down as much as possible, as quick as you can!

-- Put down your fork after each bite. Or as my husband suggested break up your eating with feeding kids, talking, watching whats on TV, or something else. Make is a game for yourself -- count the number of times you chew.

-- Don't try to eat at the same pace as others. Focus on your eating!

Let us know how this is going for you. What things are helping and what things are holding you back?
Have a fantastically healthy Tuesday!

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