26 June 2012

Antique Desk Refurbish

Alright, I've been off the map for a while but I'm back full force, maybe. ;)

Here is the refurbish rundown take 3! Check out the first and second too!

We really needed another desk because the crappy one we got for free is occupied with my sewing machine. :) My how my husband deals with my wanna-be crafting!

On the trek from Texas, the Yeck's brought us a solid wood, beautiful desk! It really is amazing and they got it from "thrifting" so it was at a great price. I love the glass top and one of these days I'll place pictures, quotes or notes that I need while working.

We were continuing with our blue for the bedroom and it seems to fit nice. We painted it using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and it is amazing! It's a tad on the expensive side but it covers so great and you don't need to use a lot. So it's completely worth it!

UPDATE: Just so you know I did not sand the desk before painting. 
This is the joy of chalk paint! 

Next Update: People have been asking via facebook about more details so here they are:
This was brush painted and we started by taking all of the drawers out and painting those. Next we painted the frame and top. I wasn't worried about getting into the underneath part because that won't be seen. Just paint everything that will be seen. You don't even have to do the top if it's going to be against a wall like ours is.  

Early P.S. - Since my mother-in-law brought this paint she has been selling tons for things in her shop. It's flying off the shelves! You can check it out here: Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

So now we have a desk and we're using one of our dining chairs for the desk chair. One of these days we'll get a better one. But for now I'm loving the time I have to study and work and this beautiful piece.

Any questions? Hit me up!


  1. Love all of your projects....thanks for linking up with Trendy Treehouse and Pine Creek Style....i really enjoy your blog.....NeeCee at pinecreekstyle.blogspot.com

  2. Loving the turquoise finish! So unique and beautiful! I'm impressed with you refurnishing that yourself. I have no talent whatsoever when it comes to that kind of stuff. Just found your blog and have loved getting to know you better. I'm excited to follow along!

    new follower :)

    1. Thanks! It was a ton of fun learning all about refurnishing things. :) Check out the other work I've done. And if you ever have questions--Don't hesitate!

  3. wow so cute! I loooooove the color =D
    P.s. I'm your newest follower

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! We love new readers!! Your blog is super cute.

      We should swap buttons!


  4. Hi Kelsey! This refurbish project turned out SO cute! It would work so well in my room, I'll have to keep it in mind when I move and want to up-cycle my furniture!

    I stumbled across your blog and love your layout! Is that you and Mike in front of the Disney castle in CA? I used to work right by there! :-)

    Hope you'll come check out my newest post: Easy DIY Sugar-Free Fruit Popsicles!

    I'm now following your blog, as well! I wanted to keep up with all my fellow bloggers ;-) Hope you'll head over to my blog and follow me back!

    Sarah B Texas @ City Girl Gone Country

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Your blog is super cute! :) Love the Popsicle post! YUMM!


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