26 June 2012

Sponsored Post - Crash Course Craft

Hello bloggers and readers! Check out this great product I'm reviewing today! All opinions are 100% mine.

I absolutely love my wallet! I bought it while I was in Texas for the BYU football bowl game! It was an amazing trip. You can read more about that here! Sorry personal life mini-tangent.

Back to the wallet... it's great because it holds my check book and all of my important cards however I needed some extra room for those deal/punch cards. Like the ones from the local snow cone shack or Cafe Rio! (We love it a little bit much!) Those always seem to be falling all over my purse and getting torn up or lost.

Welcome Crash Course Craft!

Caitlyn is over there making some amazing products! She has a ton of great designs and is really great to work with! I loved that her wallets are simple and stylish. I would love to put my blog cards in here and pull them out in front of anyone!

These are some of my favorite options from her shop:

Card Wallet - Ginkgo Birds Orange Cream  - Girls night out, credit card, gift card holder       Card Wallet - Dinosaur - Girls night out, credit card, gift card holder

How cute are these?? Let's just say I'm in love and might be buying one for some of my friends. :)

Check her out at crashcoursecraft.blogspot.com or at her etsy shop: Crash Course Craft

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