11 June 2012

Camping Extrordinare

This weekend was a blast! I don't think I've had as much fun in a long time!

Mike and I have been talking about going camping for the longest time. :) We never even made it up last summer but we promised ourselves that this year would be different. Plus, now we have some great friends to go with!

It took Lauren and I finally getting to planning to figure it all out. If our husbands had it their way we would have been out in the boonies breaking laws to be "really away from it all".

We chose to pick a camping spot by a beautiful lake. But I was a little disappointed to be near so many other people. Oh well, they provided some laughs.

Get ready for a picture overload! 

Mike started setting up the tent and so did Ryan....
until Ryan found out that he only had the tent fly in his bag. 
Luckily we brought our 8-man tent. :)
The Folsom's were bunking with us!

Looks like Mike has a helper now!

Lauren was HUNGRY so we got started on dinner and Ryan had to come start the fire!

Until we realized we didn't have any more firewood. Oops! 

This cute couple went to find more wood. P.S. I love this pic of them! 

All settled and enjoying the night.

Our restless boys found the throwing ax and they were having tons of fun!
Beautiful night!
In the morning we headed to the lake.
The girls chickened out and decided we didn't want to get wet.

Our very white legged husbands! :) They crack me up!

I think this is my very most favorite picture from the trip. :)
We headed to Park City and just walked around. 

Check out that view!
We were thinking about going up the ski lift but we were getting HUNGRY!

So off we were to the Red Banjo.
We had some yummy pizza and salad. MMMM! 

We headed back to the car and had a nice drive home 
that included a shake from Dairy Keen in Heber!

If you are still reading this, I'm impressed!
Have a happy Monday, as happy as a Monday can be!


  1. Looks like fun! Hey, does Ryan have an Aunt Fran? She is one of my really good friends (in fact her husband reminds me of Lars--same dry wit, both lawyers). And if he is related to Fran, her cousins are also in my ward and also my friends. Great family! Small world.

    1. I am not sure. I'll ask though. Or his wife will be reading this soon and maybe she'll let you know! SMALL world. especially in the church!

  2. Hi there! I am Ryan's wife and YES he does have an Aunt Fran and we love her!! This is a small world!


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