11 June 2012

Healthy Challenge - Day #30 -- Review

Well today is the last day of the HEALTHY CHALLENGEs and I have had a blast!

I know I still have a long way to go but I'm committed to working hard and getting healthier throughout this summer.

Here is a link to all of the challenges we've had:

Day 1 -- Understanding this Healthy Challenge program! (this is an easy (freebee) one!)

Day 2 -- Drink Water! This is apart of the daily habits but today it's our challenge to get you into the swing of things. So really this could get you 4 points!

Day 3 -- Exercise! Another bonus! Your could get 4 points with this one too! :) Good luck!

Day 4 -- Having Confidence in Yourself! - Build your self up today and find what makes you feel great! 

Day 5 -- Lean out your proteins - This can make such a great difference in the way you feel!

Day 6 -- Spend some time in the sun with plenty of protection!- Don't risk future skin problems!

Day 7 -- Taking the Stairs! - Get a good boost during your day.

Day 8 -- Sugar Battle - YOU CAN DO IT!

Day 9 -- Take a walk and enjoy time with family! - This might be my favorite challenge!

Day 10 -- Colorful Meals - Make it beautiful!

Day 11 -- Slow DOWN! - take your time to ENJOY!

Day 12 -- Breakfast - Most Important

Day 13 -- Online Resource - Keep yourself organized!

Day 14 -- Sleep - If only I could do this all day!

Day 15 -- Kick the BAD Habits - set yourself FREE!

Day 16 -- Snack Smart - basic good choices throughout the day!

Day 17 -- Emotional Eating - We all probably do this at times!

Day 18 -- Take some "ME TIME"  - splurge on something just for you!

Day 19 -- Strength Training - essential to overall fitness.

Day 20 -- Setting Goals - What will you work towards?

Day 21 -- Recipe SWAP - Share what you'll be cooking up to be healthy!

Day 22 -- Grocery Shopping - How do you shop healthy?

Day 23 -- Fasting - Is it okay? What is the purpose?

Day 24 -- Eating Out - The healthy way! 

Day 25 -- Staying Social - Having a good social life helps keep you healthy. Check out how to improve your social life!

Day 26 -- Meditation - connect with yourself! 

Day 27 -- Packing for Snacking - Avoid unhealthy options when you pack your own!

Day 28 -- Working Workout - Simple exercises to do at the office or while shopping!

Day 29 -- Recipe Substitutions - Make your favorites just that much better!

Day 30 -- Review - You're here!

I just want to be the first to say CONGRATS! If you are a reader of my blog then you have made this challenge so rewarding for me. I'm going to keep everything up so no matter what you can always come and brush up on what we've already done.

Keep working hard and let me know how you're doing!

*Lots of LOVE*

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  1. It's great that you have decided, have a long way to go but I'm committed to working hard and getting healthier throughout this summer.


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